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Windows Hosting


All managed hosting service is backed by tech support

  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Live support
  • Emergency response
  • 99.99% Uptime

Windows hosting categorizes into 2 broad categories. Standard & Premium.

  • Windows Hosting Standard

    On Standard hosting all accounts are hosted on normal DELL servers with 100 MBPS network.

    Its good for those business enterprises that just need a web presence with minimum database activity.

    On this server we intend to host more 500 accounts.

  • Platform

    Windows OS
    Hosting control panel
    Unique FTP Accounts
    Anonymous FTP
    Web Utilities

  • E-mail Features

    POP3 service
    SMTP Authenticated relay service
    Auto responders & Forwarders
    Mail filters with options ( SQ Mail )
    Catch all enabled
    Unlimited email aliases
    Lightning fast speed service
    Unmatched reliability and dependability
    SPAM Reduce activation

  • MISC Features

    Custom Error Pages (401/403/404/500)
    Password Protected Web pages
    Private Folders
    Cron Jobs/Scheduled Tasks
    Webbased AddressBook

  • Windows Hosting Premium

    On Premium hosting all accounts are hosted on DELL ZEON Dual Processor with Dual Core servers with 100 MBPS network.

    Ideally used for dynamic web sites and corporate business house. You can run all server activity at easy

    On this server we host not more then 300 accounts for better performance.

  • Database support

    MS - Access

  • Application

    Active Server Pages (ASP) 3.0
    ASP.NET Support
    ADO.NET Support
    XML Support
    PHP Support
    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
    CDO, Cdonts
    ASPMail Support
    ASP FileUpload Support

  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

    99.9% Uptime Money back Guarantee
    Instant Emergency Support

  • Security

    Firewall Protection
    Email Virus Scanning
    OS Hardening & Patching